Together We Create Graffiti.jpg

1. Concept

Phone calls, lunch meetings, smoke signals, pop rocks and soda.  Whatever it takes to understand your how to put your ideas in motion.

2. Script

A video needs to look good, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's all about the messaging. 

3. Voice-over

Voice-over, music, and quality audio: the perfect harmony to bring your video to life. Quality sound and the right voice-over mean people are more likely trust your video's message.

4. 10-second Mock-up

All the pieces come together to create a short teaser of your video, helping get a feel for what's to come. A short 10-second animation to make sure the video style is just right.

5. Full-length Rough

A full-length draft of your video - this just might knock you off your feet.  We'll dig in with feedback and revision phases so you can ride off into the sunset, video in hand!

6. Final Animation

You're happy, we're happy. We'll help with initial implementation of your video and help get it where it needs to go. Your video should get the attention it deserves.